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Screenshots from Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Some are for the SoTTR Screenshot Contest, some are just for fun.

Kingdom Hearts Remix Project: Wave 1

Trying to make classic sounds more classic...

Final Fantasy XI Mission Video Archive [1080p]

A video project with all(maybe) FFXI mission recorded in details.

Ultima Weapon's Theme (Doma-style Remix)


Battle at the Big Bridge
(Electro Swing Remix ft. ???)

Electro swing remix of the classic track Battle at the Big Bridge

Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Remixes

Two remixes that I made for FF30th event


最终幻想像素逻辑(Pictlogica Final Fantasy)是一款基于FF背景和Picross 系统的手机游戏Picross系统的游戏。有移动版和3ds版两个版本。

New Pixel Banner

"Do you love swing?"

About Me

O'mletto Lagrange

(FFXIV@Famfrit, FFXI@Bahamut)

A lazy person with love to all Final Fantasy games. Personally prefer FF XIII series.
Huge fan of Tomb Raider series.
Sometimes writting music and doing pixel arts.
Playing Capcom titles (DMC and RE series) and music games (Jubeat, DDR, Taiko, Project Diva) also.
Feel free to contact me on Twitter. I could speak English, Japanese, Chinese and a lil' bit German.