Final Fantasy XI Mission Video Archive [1080p]

A video project with all (maybe) FFXI mission recorded in details.

The video project is presented by team Daraji. It will cover almost all missions from original FFXI to Seekers of Adoulin. Enjoy. (´▽`)
Some image files are taken from ffxiclopedia.

2021-3-22: Re-recorded most part since my harddrive containing most footages died last year


Mission No.Mission NameLink
1-1The Zeruhn Report Untranslated
1-2A Geological Survey Untranslated
1-3Fetichism Untranslated
2-1The Crystal Line Untranslated
2-2Wading Beasts Untranslated
2-3The Emissary Untranslated
3-1The Four Musketeers Untranslated
3-2To the Forsaken Mines Untranslated
3-3Jeuno Untranslated
4Magicite Untranslated
5-1Darkness Rising Untranslated
5-2Xarcabard, Land of Truths Untranslated


Mission No.Mission NameLink
1-1Smash the Orcish Scouts
1-2Bat Hunt Untranslated
1-3Save the Children Untranslated
2-1The Rescue Drill Untranslated
2-2The Davoi Report Untranslated
2-3Journey Abroad Untranslated
3-1Infiltrate Davoi Untranslated
3-2The Crystal Spring Untranslated
3-3Appointment to Jeuno Untranslated
4Magicite Untranslated
5-1The Ruins of Fei'Yin Untranslated
5-2The Shadow Lord Untranslated


Mission No.Mission NameLink
1The New Frontier Untranslated
2Welcome t'Norg Untranslated
3Kazham's Chieftainess Untranslated
4The Temple of Uggalepih Untranslated
5Headstone Pilgrimage Untranslated
6Through the Quicksand Caves Untranslated
7The Chamber of Oracles Untranslated
8Return to Delkfutt's Tower Untranslated
9Ro'Maeve Untranslated
10The Temple of Desolation Untranslated
11The Hall of the Gods Untranslated
12The Mithra and the Crystal Untranslated
13The Gate of the Gods Untranslated
14Ark Angels Untranslated
15The Sealed Shrine Untranslated
16The Celestial Nexus Untranslated
17Awakening Untranslated
18The Last Verse


Mission No.Mission NameLink
1-1The Rites of Life Untranslated
1-2Below the Arks
1-3The Mothercrystals
2-1An Invitation West Untranslated
2-2The Lost City
2-3Distant Beliefs
2-4An Eternal Melody
2-5Ancient Vows
3-1The Call of the Wyrmking Untranslated
3-2A Vessel Without a Captain
3-3The Road Forks
3-4Tending Aged Wounds
3-5Darkness Named
4-1Sheltering Doubt Untranslated
4-2The Savage
4-3The Secrets of Worship
4-4Slanderous Utterings
5-1The Enduring Tumult of War Part 1 Untranslated

Part 2 Untranslated
5-2Desires of Emptiness
5-3Three Paths
6-1For Whom the Verse is Sung Untranslated
6-2A Place to Return
6-3More Questions Than Answers
6-4One to be Feared
7-1Chains and Bonds Untranslated
7-2Flames in the Darkness
7-3Fire in the Eyes of Men
7-4Calm Before the Storm
7-5The Warrior's Path
8-1The Garden of Antiquity Part 1 Untranslated

Part 2 Untranslated
8-2A Fate Decided
8-3When Angels Fall
8-5The Last Verse
EpilogueStorms of Fate Untranslated
Shadows of the Departed
Apocalypse Nigh
The Last Verse


Mission No.Mission NameLink
1Land of Sacred Serpents Untranslated
2Immortal Sentries
3President Salaheem
4Knight of Gold
5Confessions of Royalty
6Easterly Winds
7Westerly Winds
8A Mercenary Life Untranslated
9Undersea Scouting
10Astral Waves
11Imperial Schemes
12Royal Puppeteer
13Lost Kingdom
14The Dolphin Crest
15The Black Coffin
16Ghosts of the Past
17Guests of the Empire
18Passing Glory Untranslated
19Sweets for the Soul
20Teahouse Tumult
21Finders Keepers
22Shield of Diplomacy
23Social Graces
24Foiled Ambition
25Playing the Part Untranslated
26Seal of the Serpent
27Misplaced Nobility
28Bastion of Knowledge
29Puppet in Peril
30Prevalence of Pirates
31Shades of Vengeance
32In the Blood
33Sentinels' Honor Untranslated
34Testing the Waters
35Legacy of the Lost
36Gaze of the Saboteur
37Path of Blood