PSN Platinum Trophy Thoughts No.111 - No.120

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#111 (And 100%) - Horizon Zero Dawn

Difficulty: 5/10 

After got the plat of MGS3 this game could be my best choice for relax. XD

Like most 3A open-world titles, it’s just a mediocre game that I don’t have that much to comment about. Not bad story, not bad characters, a checklist quest system, and the only thing that I’m not that satisfied is the battle system. Aloy has a spear, and she could also do stealth attack, but these are not that useful under UH difficulty. It takes forever for her to swing her spear, and the stealth attack does not do that much damage on mid & large size enemies. Trajectory is weird and even I aim at enemy’s head with a full-released arrow, sometimes it won’t hit. This game definitely needs more polish, and I’ll give it a 8/10. Among all 3A open-world titles that I’ve played, AC Odyssey is still my favorite.

#112 - Resident Evil 3 Remake

Difficulty: 2/10 

Have to complain a lil bit at first that Capcom did change the storyline a lot. Even so it’s still a good game for me. Usually I hate cutscenes but those cinematic cutscenes in RE3 build the tense pretty well and make me nervous: “I might die here, gotta be careful”. This game is short, but it looks more like a cinematic game with smooth experience. Jill looks perfect in her 99 classic and STARS outfits, but there’s one thing that I don’t like (maybe in both RE2 and RE3 remake), that characters’ lines contain too many swear words. IIRC Jill and Claire didn’t use that many swear words back in old games. 

BTW I love the RE3 Japanese character voices lol. They indeed gave me a Detective-Konan-vibe due to its Japanese VA list. Highly recommend.

#113 - Peasant Knight (PS4)

Difficulty: 1/10 

TBH I don’t have that much to comment on this game. It’s been in my backlog for several months since I own the vita version. A normal Ratalaika game. The end.

#114 - Far Cry Primal

Difficulty: 3/10 

A mediocre game with glitches and shitty controls. The arrangement of enemies and predator animals are much better than FC3, so that your character won’t get killed just outside a village. What I’m still wondering why your character is still afraid of fire and why it takes so long to put out of the fire. And your club and spear, *sigh, will never hit the enemy if you are too close.

#115 - Final Fantasy VII Remake

Difficulty: 5/10 

Not hard, but a little bit time consuming. The game “looks” pretty nice: smooth cinematic cutscenes (although a lil bit too much) and perfect music, which makes the first playthrough impressive. However, I have a feeling that Square is no longer making the tactical / strategic part as a priority in the gameplay, or as much as some old FF games, since they have been trying to add fancy but ill-designed action parts to the gameplay of the FF series for several years. I really miss the old days that you could heal your enemies, beat your teammates or give them some debuffs, get killed because you are too OP / wearing wrong equipment / at a wrong level, toss gil to hurt enemies, and so on… 

P.S. Here are some comments of mine about its battle system:

#116 - Final Fantasy VII

Difficulty: 4/10 

A classic JRPG game with challenges if official cheats are not on. It’s psychedelic storyline’s always trying to murder my sanity lol, especially from the end of Disc 1 to the later Disc 2. (Tifa is such a nice girl, isn’t she? ) The materia system could be grindy but fun, still haven’t figured out all special commands cuz I usually just use 2x cut, morph and deathblow. The only problem that I have is dealing with the pre-rendered RE-ish background. Sometimes it’s hard to find out Cloud’s position and the way to the next map, even with the pointers on, but I think this could be a common issue for some 90s games.

#117 - Watch Dogs 2

Difficulty: 4/10 

This became my second favorite Ubisoft game after AC Odyssey. It’s been on my shelf for a long time but due to my personal Ubi-hate… Bought from a local Bookoff store several yrs ago so I don’t have those DLC missions, but the main part of this game shows a combination of challenge and fun.It has decent gameplay (although sometimes pushing the L-stick ahead won’t move the jumper and I’m pretty sure it’s not because of my controller) with multiple choices to clear the mission, random online encounters (and those online operations are fun to play), and ScoutX “sightseeing” feature that brings surprises. It is fun to drive from streets to streets and the in-game SF does have the real SF vibe. Checkpoints sometimes are placed weirdly but won’t give you too much challenge (at least for main story). 

Only one thing… they put Stanford Univ in a wrong place lol.

#118 & #119 - Word Sudoku by POWGI

Difficulty: 1/10 (With guide) 

A normal Sudoku Game if the number mode is on. I don’t have much comments on this game.

#120 - Onechanbara Z2 Chaos

Difficulty: 4/10 

Bought this during the Japan Sale, and somehow I think this might be the worst ACT/ARPG game that I’ve ever played (so far). The graphic looks like some old PS3 game, and in-game renders of those girls looks weird also. As a game with “fan-service” purpose, Senran Kagura series does a much better job than this. The action battle system is also poorly designed. This game’s difficulty is based on the unfair hit reaction, similar to FF7 remake I played last month, but much worse. It seems that your character and the boss are not in the same channel: no matter how hard you hit the boss, it just acts like nothing happened. Besides, the scripts of those bosses are also horrible. They act more like someone being stuck in a broken tape recorder, performing the same action pattern again and again without taking a rest. Thankfully I am done with this game. :V