PSN Platinum Trophy Thoughts No.131 - No.140

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#131 - 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

Difficulty: 1/10

So far the best game I’ve played this year, a narrative AVG with sci-fi features such as time travel, parallel world, clone, androids, nano technique, memory modification, aliens, space odyssey, and ofc huge robots :D

+ Parallel narratives, fascinating turning points that beyond my expectation

+ Variety of characters

+ The battle is fun to play, a good combination of strategic features and ATB system

+ Great music

- It is not an easy task to understand the story because (1) parallel narratives make some plots difficult to handle, and (2) the story setting is overwhelmingly complex (Even with an in-game index)

- Poor battle UI

#132 - Erica (EU)

Difficulty: 1/10

A mixture of cult film and choice simulator. Although tagged as horror “game”, there’s nothing scary at all, except some bleeding scenes that could make people with blood phobia uncomfortable. Story is a little bit cliche, psycho topic with some ritual/religion references. Basically I would say that this game is not bad, but it’s frustrating to get all trophies.

+ The second game I’ve played that uses the swipe and touch function of the touchpad, after Infamous Second Son. It’s innovative and experimental, maybe because the need of adaptation to the mobile app, but I would rather use the mobile app since my phone has a larger screen than the touchpad and the phone could provide me with accuracy while moving the cursor

- No checkpoints or savepoints. That’s why it needs to be done in at least 5 playthroughs. If you miss something (like me, I missed Failure To Comply on my first run), then you’ll have to unlock it in another playthrough

- When using the app, make sure to turn off the auto rest mode function on your PS4, or set the timer at 2 or 3 hrs

- Sometimes it’s not smooth from scenes to scenes. This depends on your choice and route. I won’t be a spoiler, so here’s a simple example. Say both scene A and B leads to scene C, it could be smooth from A to C because that’s what the director intended to tell the story, so scene B may not lead to scene C as (logically) smooth as scene A

- There are still amounts of unsolved puzzles in the story

#133 - Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night

Difficulty: 2/10

Aigis is always the best waifu forever

Already wrote some review in my trophy checklist (link added below) so I’m not going to add comments here. For me, it’s the 3rd and the last time playing P3D, but it’s not the end of my journey as I have P4G and P5S in my backlog, and maybe more Persona games and Shin Megami Tensei games in the future.

Besides, I have a strong feeling that Atlus is making a real Persona 3 Remake (after Shin Megami Tensei 3?) because most scene rendering and character modeling are already done in P3D. Can’t wait to play their new games (Shut up and take my money) :jaymon:

#134 - Midnight Deluxe (Vita)

Difficulty: 1/10

I would never expect a rip-off of the Angry Bird game with so many RNG issues. Vita could not guarantee a precise aiming because of its short sticks, and the white cube won’t go through the direction where the arrow is pointing at (have to aim a little bit higher), which makes the game tricky, but overall it’s not difficult, as most Ratalaika/Eastasiasoft games

#135 - Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk (AS)

Difficulty: 1/10

A visual novel with JRPG-Fantasy story setting: A small town is trapped in eternal winter, in which people believe that if the red-eyed witch is killed, the eternal winter will come to end. In order to avoid suspect, the heroine dressed in a disguise of a gentleman. (A heroine dressing as a gentleman always reminds me of Ouran High School lol.) Although it is kinda cliche, but the story itself is fun and relaxing.

#136 - Romancing Saga 2

Difficulty: 4/10

Such an amazing JRPG game that all those RNG features give a boost to the gameplay instead of making it a grinding hell. Without a guide there could be lots of troubles but surprisingly there aren’t so many missables.

+ Upgraded 2D graphics

+ Great music

+ Varieties of classes

- Loading time

- Unbalanced formation system

#137 - Hakuouki Kyoka Roku & #138 Soukai Buccaneers

Difficulty: 1/10

Didn’t have much time last month so I focused on two visual novels. Hakuouki is more history based while Soukai Buccaneers is more like a fantasy rpg. Honestly I’ve only watched the anime of Hakuouki, and of course the game explains more than the 12-episode anime. Highly recommend this. For Soukai Buccaneers, the storyline is much less fun to read, and some characters with a “nice-guy” personality somehow seems surreal, making me “uncomfortable”. At least this game has a story tracking system so I don’t have to re-read all previous texts (facepalm)

#139 - MS Gundam Seed Battle Destiny

Difficulty: 4/10

It’s not that difficult since I’ve played older Gundam VS series before. Besides the story mode looks more like an ARPG instead of a pure 4-player shooter. I’m not a fan of the Seed main series but this game did a good job to advertise their Gunpla models and Anime series

+ Varieties of MS-es and MA-s (and others) to play with

+ Varieties of passive skills for customization

- Some problems on the lock-on priority. Gundam Breaker series did much better than this because I won’t mistakenly lock on the supply container while switching between enemies

- Supply containers must be opened while being locked on

- Not many “stories” in the story mode

#140 - Dying: Reborn

Difficulty: 1/10

While I was still waiting for my new Vita game cartridges to be delivered, I got this from the TGS sale. The game itself is not that impressive, tbh it’s more like a Tier-C or Tier-B if I’m going to rank all horror and puzzle solving games that I’ve played. There’s no straight-forward storylines - all details related to the story are hidden among those documents (or memos). Puzzles are… kinda tedious since most of them are keypads, which means that players need to find the clue of passwords either in the memo or around a corner.

Anyway I’m going to try something new…