PSN Platinum Trophy Thoughts No.141 - No.150

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#141 - #145 Some Ratalaika Games

No specific comment on those, but I enjoyed Super Destronaut DX much more than other games in the Ratalaika bundle #1

#146 - Strider (PS4)

Difficulty: 4/10

A classic reboot on the current gen consoles, with a metroidvania system.

+ Action system. It is interesting that there’s no input speed limit, that the harder you smash the button, the higher damage you will deal. I wonder what will happen with a turbo controller. Besides, the visual effects when you hit enemies are fascinating.

- Cannot use dpad to control character. Usually such platformer games will support both dpad and stick for controlling your character, but since Strider has already used dpad for weapon switch, the only way to control character is to use left stick, sometimes could be tricky.

- SFX when open the map. Sounds like scratching nails on the chalkboard…

#147 - Assault Gunners (PS4)

Difficulty: 3/10

It’s a HD port from ps vita so I won’t judge about it’s graphics, but the gameplay is overwhelmingly tedious: All stories are told in a scrolling text, BGMs are dull and cannot bring up the mood. Besides, leveling up all parts are also frustrating…

#148 - Root Letter (PS4)

Difficulty: 1/10

To be honest it’s more like a travel sim instead of a visual novel, mostly due to its crappy story, and the protagonist

+ Artworks that perfectly depict Shimane

- The protagonist. I’m pretty sure the writer would like him to be an energetic young man with curiosity who would never give up before achieving goal (and this is why he’s called Max). However, during my gameplay, he is more like an asshole stalker who (1) directly greets others using their nicknames even though it’s the first time they meet (imaging calling a young female “bitch”, what an ill-mannered person), and (2) uses language assault and intimidating to uncover other’s painful past

- The crappy story. Obviously the writer was struggling between a horror theme and a romantic theme. The atmosphere of first 8 chapters are peaceful (almost), nostalgic and sort of bittersweet. Since only the reply of letter will affect the ending, even if something weird is chosen as the reply, the main story will stay peaceful until Chapter 9. So if you unfortunately trigger the “Cursed” or “Reincarnation” ending on your first playthrough, the later plot would be as cult as hell. Would it be better if Misaki and Yukari could have their own endings?

#149 - Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments

Difficulty: 2/10

I’m glad that the game is re-released. The story is not as fun as its sequel, but those puzzles are really challenging. To be honest, some collectable trophies are hard to track without a guide, especially when there’s no skip cutscenes and skip conversations, which means you’ll have to replay the whole chapter again if something’s missed

#150 - Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2

Difficulty: 4/10

An action game with classic Castlevania 3 vibes. Switching between different partners, visiting different routes and even fighting against different final bosses make the game worth to play several hours. And for more challenges there are boss rush and solo mode. Besides those chiptune BGMs are as hyped as hell, and I’m wondering if I could get a copy of the game OST…

I haven’t tried Ritual of the Night yet, maybe it’s time to add it to my wishlist?