PSN Platinum Trophy Thoughts No.151 - No.160

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#151 (and 100%) - Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4)

Difficulty: 3/10

Almost a perfect open world game - no frame rate drops or CE-34878-0, instead the swinging and combat are smooth. There are only two flaws: (1) Spidey is so kind that he let Norman escape at the end, and (2) sometimes the game forces players to focus on something else after finishing a main quest, which makes the NG+ run little bit frustrating.

#152 - NieR: Automata

Difficulty: 3/10

Appreciate that producers of this game offers a trophy shop, or farming body-collecting and finding all weapons could be extremely frustrating. TBH this game looks more like a 3D danmaku shooter instead of a pure 3D action game, and I have to change the controller buttons to not mess up the in-game actions easily. The ending scroll of the ending E is pretty challenging that I can’t get much further beyond the “Sony Computer Entertainment Inc” (ironically). But adding a cooperation system by deleting every player’s save files is sooooo avant-garde, positively.

#153 - We Were Here

Difficulty: 2/10 (with a guide)

Haven’t noticed this game until my friend ask me if I would like to plat this game with her. It is a lovely puzzle-solving game that forces players to communicate and describe what they found. Fun to play but sometimes playing as a librarian makes me wanna take a nap, especially during the RGB door puzzle.

#154 - Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Difficulty: 4/10

Pretty enjoy this game and have to admit that it’s hard to find a metroidvania game that allows me chill and relax while playing, like Symphony of the Night and Dawn of Sorrow. Actually the system is similar to DoS: collecting shards by defeating monsters and upgrading weapons. While comparing to Curse of the Moon series, however, enemies’ action patterns are less readable and predictable, but most bosses could be defeated in cheesy ways after getting more shards. I would give it a 8 out of 10 and if it’s more polished with less glitches and CE-34878-0 errors I would rate it 9.

#155 - Arcade Game Series: Galaga

Difficulty: 4/10

Thankfully this game provides a quick-save function (and a glitch) so obtaining the plat is easier than I thought. A retro game that brings nostalgia, challenging but fun.

#156 - Knack 2

Difficulty: 4/10

A hidden gem that I’ve never heard off until it appeared in the ps+ free game list. The combat system is solid, although the camera angle might sometimes trouble as small Knack is hard to locate. Puzzles are also easy to solve, and even if a specific puzzle takes too long, the game provides players a hint. Besides, the speedrun and battle challenge mode have a decent score ranking, not overwhelmingly harsh but also challenging meanwhile.

#157 - Gorogoa

Difficulty: 2/10

An aesthetic masterpiece with creative gameplay. The only problem is the 500-step trophy, which is a little bit frustrating to track.

#158 - Coffee Talk

Difficulty: 1/10

Got it from the PS+ free game campaign this month. Seems that it was inspired from Valhalla – both of them are basically a visual novel featuring detailed pixel artworks and drink mixing gameplay. However, compared to Valhalla, Coffee Talk’s character design looks more… indescribable: There are human-being, werewolf, elf, alien, cat girl (and cat-man?), and even a reptile (looks like) girl, but their races have nothing to do with, or have limited contribution to the main storyline, which means that it is also acceptable to switch all of them to human-beings. Those who are in the dev team must be obsessed with garbage light novels to design such characters. Besides, the in-game conversation really looks like some “daily conversation”, that makes me wanna fast skip or I would fall asleep.

#159 - Katamari Damacy Reroll

Difficulty: 3/10

It took me around 20 hrs to finish the remake (or graphically remastered version, but obviously it’s made by Unity) of Katamary Damacy. It has awesome music, and almost all stages except mas7 are fun to play. However, the hitbox of items seems weird because you’ll be frequently stuck inside somewhere and not able to get out. Besides, getting 100% items and gifts could be frustrating so I spent a whole weekend writing a web app (here) to track my progress. Overall it’s worth to play and I highly recommend it.

#160 - Tokyo Dark: Remembrance

Difficulty: 1/10

It is hard to describe this game. Bought this last year during a sale, but for some reason I didn’t finish the prologue. The character design looks cheap and “weeboo”-ish, and I swear it’s even worse than some Doujinshi 20 years ago. As for the story, I can understand what the authors would like to tell, but a supernatural-themed story without strongly psychological and religious background support (like Silent Hill) sounds cliche and not attractive. Besides, those repetitively reused cutscenes make this game even cheaper, and they are not skippable. The whole game, its art, story, voicing, looks like a low-budget project.